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Token Sale is over.
TimeCoin has been distributed.
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Important Notice

TimeCoin's distribution operation will end at the end of April 2022. Any inquiries regarding the receipt of TimeCoins must be made before then.

Dedicated contact for receipt of TimeCoin:

Background of special token sale

IEO was a great success

TimeCoin (Token Symbol: TMCN) was listed on and the offering conducted by BitForex, one of the top-performing global cryptocurrency exchanges, on Nov 11th, 2020.
The IEO price of TimeCoin was 1 TMCN = $0.7 USD. The initial price formed after the IEO was 1TMCN = $11 USD and continued to rise. The price change on that day ended up +2850% from the initial price. As of Dec18th, 2020, it still remains at the level of 1 TMCN = $11 USD.
Also, TMCN price hits the record high, 1TMCN = $8,500 USD on Feb 18th, 2021. (Click here to check TMCN current market price in BitForex. )

Funding status of the project and TimeCoin so far

Despite the success of IEO, we have not conducted any further private sales of TimeCoin and have only sold small amounts of TimeCoin prior to the IEO to BitForex.
Until now, TimeCoinProtocol project has been financed by equity funding with approximately $4 million USD. As a result, the value of TimeCoin remains high.

We are now raising funds for enhancement development

The fully functional TimeCoinProtocol as well as the project's dApp, eSportStars, was released in October and is expected to grow more rapidly than we had anticipated, necessitating additional development for eSportStars. As an enhancement of the project’s dApps, we also decided to implement DeFi and NFT functionalities, and to defray the associated development and marketing costs, we decided to sell TimeCoin.
Implementing the DeFi feature in eSportStars and TimeTicket, which will be our dApps, will allow fans to support creators (esports players, streamers, VTubers, etc.) so that both creators and fans can receive additional tokens. Game items, art, and anime characters created by creators will be traded using the NFT mechanism.

Token sale details

Price and Term

Out of the total issue of 100,000,000 TMCN, we have sold 10,000,000 TMCN to an entity that is Shenzhen Heleyi Internet Information Consultant Co., Ltd. (深圳市合乐谊网络信息咨询有限公司, hereafter called Shenzhen Heleyi). Shenzhen Heleyi has decided to offer these 10,000,000 TMCN to the public in the two special sales and has instructed us to coordinate their offering.
TimeCoins will be sold by Shenzhen Heleyi at a special discount of over 91% from the price traded on BitForex as of Dec 18th, 2020 (1 TMCN = 0.0006 BTC).

The total number of TimeCoins Selling price Discount rate Sale period
1st round sale 5,000,000 TMCN 1 TMCN = 0.00004 BTC
1 TMCN = 0.001 ETH
93% OFF Feb 15th, 2021 ~ Apr 30th, 2021
2nd round sale 5,000,000 TMCN 1 TMCN = 0.00005 BTC
1 TMCN = 0.001 ETH
91% OFF May 1st, 2021 ~ October 31st, 2021

Bonus Plan for high volume purchasersNEW!

We are pleased to introduce the new Bonus Plan to our special token sale.
If you purchase 2500 TMCN or more throughout the both rounds, you are eligible for the Bonus Plan as shown in the table below. Past purchasers are also eligible.
If your total purchased TMCN is short of the amount on the list, you can add up by purchasing again.

How muchTMCN you purchase Extra TMCN added
2500 or more ~ under 5000 10%
5000 or more ~ under 50000 20%
50000 and more 30%

Please see more details about this Bonus Plan from here.

Notes on purchasing TimeCoins

Purchase process

1 Apply to purchase via the form.
2 Receive the confirmation email from the admin.
3 Make your payment. Deposit BTC, USDT or ETH within 10 days of purchase application. All instructions are in the confirmation email.
4 Receive your payment confirmation email from the admin. It takes a business day or two after the payment is made.
5 Receive the TMCN for your purchase at due date as defined in the agreement.
Important note
This offering of TMCN is made on behalf of and on the account of the relevant subsidiary of Shenzhen Heleyi. Any applicant interested in purchasing TMCN will have to enter into a token purchase and delivery agreement with the relevant Shenzhen Heleyi entity. Besides entering into the token purchase and delivery agreement, Shenzhen Heleyi may require you to comply with further requirements in order to be accepted as purchaser of TMCN. In particular, you would be precluded from the purchase of TMCN if you were a resident of the countries: the US, or other countries which are prohibited to purchase cryptocurrency such as TMCN.