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Proof of

Proof of caring application

Based on our mission “Each Individual's possibility can be the value for someone else”, we will give rewards to the community members, who contribute to us.

STEP01 Please meet the conditions below
  1. Follow our twitter
  2. Join the messenger group (Local Telegram or WeChat)
STEP02 Do caring(contribution to the project)

*If you need our support, ask on our local messenger groups (Telegram, WeChat)
*Please check the details of the recommend activities of caring below.

STEP03 Submit the proof

Please submit the URL, photos, description as proof. And then the team will approve and evaluate them.

STEP04 Tier confirmation

Contributors are given tokens as each of tiers below.

Tier summary

Tier Partner tier Tier1 Tier2 Tier3
The amount of token 2,000 USDT 1,000 USDT 500 USDT 0 USDT

The recommend activities of caring

Supporting of building collaborations:
For eSportStars: Collaborate with game streamers, KOLs, game companies
For TimeCoinProtocol: Collaborate with other projects, general companies, KOL, funds
Writing and posting the review about TimeCoinProtocol
Target: blogs, media, YouTube, messenger groups, community sites (Bullutin board), forums
Launch and moderate local communities
Target: There are special conditions applied. Korea, South of America, CIS countries, Africa, South-East Asia.
Translation (white paper, official announcements) and posting it on local community or media, SNS.


Why do you do Proof of Caring instead of Airdrop?
The main reason is to build a more loyal community for the project. The success of an open source platform cannot be achieved without the cooperation of the community.
And we are sure, that rather than asking people to voluntarily help, sharing the incentives accordingly is the best way to achieve the worldview that TimeCoinProtocol is aiming for.
How is the tier determined?
It is determined by its own criteria, defined by the core team. While those criteria are private, they are based on the amount of actions and personal influence in areas, where the project needs and yet members can use their skills and capacities. That is how the evaluation will be conducted. Please, refer to the recommended activities, listed above.
Are there any countries or regions that cannot participate in Proof of Caring?
It depends on the regulations of the country or region, related. Please, make sure about your area regulations in advance.
When will I receive the incentive?
You can receive the incentive in 2 weeks after you submitted the application form of PoC.
I want to contribute through translation. How can I do this?
Translation is approved as a contribution, provided it is submitted and published. White papers and official announcements are recommended for translation. Translations of white papers will be native-checked by the project and will be considered for inclusion on the website. Official announcements should be posted to local media, forums, and your own blog or social network. It is preferable to be in a medium that is read by a wider audience.
*White paper translations can be considered for publishing on the official website. Please, contact the project in advance to inquire about supported languages.
Are there any prohibitions?
Please, do not do anything that is against the law, offensive to public morals, or infringes on the rights of the project or third parties (copyrights, rights of publicity, patents, etc.).
Can I get support from the project for my contribution?
If you need a help with your project, feel free to contact us! For example, if you are willing to run a local online community, we will share an important updates or other necessary information, as soon as they are available. We will provide you with all the resources and opportunities, including information and advertising materials, depending on the content.